3630 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29205

3630 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29205


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“My three children wanted to play different instruments and there are so many instructors at the Columbia Arts Academy, it was very easy for us to choose a time and date to fit our busy schedule. The teachers have always been very positive and encouraging to all of my children, which is very important to me.”

-Cindy Otis, Irmo, SC

"Columbia Arts Academy is a wonderful place to learn how to play an instrument. Staff are warm and welcoming, the building is very clean. I love the unlimited make-ups aspect. With kids getting sick, it's nice to know we will be able to make up classes at our convenience. My son's teacher is the best. My son really enjoys every lesson and learning to play the piano. I'm so glad we found them!"

-Rachael McNally, Columbia, SC

"From the first day our children became students at the Columbia Arts Academy, we’ve been extremely impressed with the professionalism and dedication of all of the instructors. Both of our children have made great strides – one on bass guitar and one in voice. Their lessons have allowed them to meet other kids with similar musical interests and they’ve been able to start their own rock band. With the help of the Columbia Arts Academy, they have played at the Rosewood Crawfish Festival, Vista Lights, and 5-Points St. Patty’s Day celebration. We are truly fortunate to have found a music school that is so encouraging and that our children LOVE!"

-Lisa & Chris Austin, Columbia, SC 

"The Academy is a great place for the adult, who never had the time, patience, or attention span, as a child to learn to play an instrument. The Academy fosters a love for music and is a great place for an adult, to take the plunge and do something that they have only talked about for years. The instruction is excellent! The instructors are patient! Every adult that I know has nothing but great things to say about the experience they have with learning to play an instrument. If you have told everyone for years, that someday you were going to sing, play the guitar, piano etc... this is the place for you to finally do it!"

-Tarry McGovern, Columbia, SC 

"Probably the best thing I've done in the past ten years! Learning to play the guitar and working on my voice has made my life so much richer. If learning a language was as fun and fulfilling as taking lessons at the Academy, I'd be multi-lingual. Until then, I'll just sing and play!"

-Kristian Niemi, owner Rosso Italian Trattoria, Columbia, SC 

"The Columbia Arts Academy is an incredibly welcoming environment that nurtures your child's love of music in an absolutely positive manner. The staff is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.  My 6 year old can't wait for her voice lesson each week!!"                     

-Katherine Lockwood, Columbia, SC

"The Columbia Arts Academy laid a perfect path for me to advance in my music career. My teacher had an amazing talent of teaching me all the basics while keeping the lessons very entertaining. The Columbia Arts Academy is full of insightful teachers who are talented not just with music but also at inspiring and captivating their students. If one wants to learn seriously or play as an amateur there is no better place to go."

-Thomas Creek, Columbia, SC

"Our experience at CAA has been wonderful. Their teachers are professional and knowledgeable as are their office staff. My son has truly grown as an artist in his time at the school."               

-Lisa Militello , Columbia, SC

"My guitar lessons are a bright spot during my long work weeks. I enjoy what I do for a living, but I also like the escape that my music provides me. Lewis Taylor is a great instructor and creates a fun and productive learning environment for me. He is very enthusiastic and is just as excited about learning new music as I am. I am fifty years old and have enjoyed learning to play the guitar. There so many different facets that influence your playing. Learning the fret board, different ways to play songs on the fret board, alternate tunings, shapes, and musical styles.  

I highly recommend signing up for guitar lessons at Columbia Arts Academy. Once you do you'll wonder way you didn't sign up earlier. Learning to play and create music is a great outlet and everyone should allow themselves the chance to enjoy and experience it! I am glad I did."       

-Kirby Formyduvall, Columbia, SC

"When I saw a tv commercial for Academy, I thought it was time to stop wishing I could play guitar and start really learning. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The environment is positive, happy, and encouraging. Lessons are challenging and focused on the types of music I'm interested in learning. As a middle-aged female, I was worried I would be considered "weird" for wanting to learn rock music, but I quickly discovered there was nothing to worry about. Everyone I've encountered at the Academy is only interested in sharing their love of music and playing without any concern about how old you are. If you've always wanted to learn, or wished you were better at your instrument, don't put it off any longer! The Academy is a great place to learn!"             

-Cindy Stout, Columbia, SC   

"My teacher makes learning so much fun. He knows all genres of music. He can go from classical to hard rock in the blink of an eye. If you're looking for the best teachers the Columbia Arts Academy is the place for you."

-Cliff Lutterloah, Elgin, SC

"For most of my life I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but never took lessons as a child. Then one day I decided that I was going to stop "wanting" and start "doing" and signed up for classes at the Columbia Arts Academy. I have learned so much and have had a great deal of fun along the way - I only wish that I had started lessons much earlier!" 

-Jennifer Simmons, Columbia, SC

"I may well be chronologically the oldest student at the academy and I must say I am really enjoying being a part of it. I've taken lessons in classical guitar off and on (mostly off) over the years and only since retiring from State employment have I been able to devote the time to music I would like and have made great strides under my teacher's patient instruction."

-Betsy Gunter, Columbia, SC 

"The Academy has helped enhance my musical performance by teaching good material and only hiring the best of the best to teach. I am excited for lessons every week, and I always learn something new, every week."

-Teryn Meyer, Columbia, SC 

"My teacher is an excellent instructor!  I am continually amazed by the level of expertise and versatility he demonstrates with the guitar.  I have been playing for 11 years and he is able to develop lessons that challenge and encourage me to grow in my playing and performance. My teacher is able to quickly and effectively teach difficult material in a way that students can easily understand.  This is a rare gift in any field.  I enthusiastically recommend the Columbia Arts Academy."

-Jason Schafer, Swansea, SC

"As an adult guitar player who plays in public every week, I think it's important to keep learning the craft and improving your skills and techniques. Columbia Arts Academy is the perfect place for adult learners who want to sharpen their skills and learn new things. Every week my teacher gives me new "tools" for my "toolbox," that I can use as I perform or write new songs."  

-Candace Chellew, Columbia, SC

"My teacher always challenged me to be the best, which in return, helped prepare me for college as a jazz guitar performance major. His optimism and dedication shown in his teaching proceeded to help me get accepted to The South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanties, and the College of Charleston."

"My teacher's versatile teaching skills led me to become a better player with a professional outlook on how to become the best."

"He has given me the learning tools that will last forever." 

-Josh Walker, New York, NY

"My teacher is an ideal teacher for an older adult. His style is to be patient and encouraging, but at the same time uncompromising in making sure we learn proper technique. Also he does not rigidly adhere to one way only in teaching, but can adapt the teaching style to the student's needs and abilities. I recommend him very much."

-Charles T. Thornsvard, M. D., Columbia, SC 

"My teacher's knowledge of the guitar is unbelievable. He is able to spot potential problems instantly and give you several different options to fix the problem.

He is very dedicated in teaching the proper ways to play the guitar which will make the student a better guitar player. Marty was able to take complicated lessons and break them down into smaller, easier to learn components, and then teach them to me one at a time. 

My teacher's patience with students is unmatched when compared to other guitar teachers in the area. His patience and drive to teach the art of music and guitar playing has turned me into a rock n roll guitarist able to play with anyone at any time.

I would definitely recommend the Columbia Arts Academy to any person, young or old and with any level of experience. My teacher has helped me fulfill a life long dream of playing the guitar." 

-Jeff Urso, Columbia, SC

"My teacher is a GREAT teacher. He has greatly improved my playing ability, and has always been very patient. He likes, and is capable of teaching, a variety of music." 

-Caanen Peeples, Barnwell, SC 

"My teacher's knowledge of music and his musical talent are boundless. Adding to that, his ability to place a student at ease, his variety within lessons, his understandable instructions, his welcome encouragement, makes the Columbia Arts Academy a most outstanding school. 

-Gale Stanley, Columbia, SC

"Tyler Mack first experience at the Academy was great. He has an excellent Drum Teacher and the staff there is very helpful. I would recommend anyone and everyone to experience the musical talent at the Columbia Arts Academy."

-Angela Mack, Columbia, SC

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