November 26, 2019

The “One-Teacher Trap”

Did you know our Director Marty Fort has written an Amazon #1 best selling book “The Ultimate Guide to Music Lessons”? Here’s an excerpt inform you about The “One-Teacher Trap”. Enjoy and email us your feedback!

Throughout my years in the field, I have found that parents of music students occasionally fall into what I call the “one-teacher trap.”

A music student will often have a single music teacher when they first start their musical journey. Over time, illness and family demands may force the teacher to miss lessons here and there. It is also not uncommon for teachers to relocate at some later date, forcing you to find a new teacher.

When a parent realizes that their child’s regular teacher is temporarily or permanently unavailable, they may feel panic when their child is reassigned to a different teacher.

While it is certainly normal for a student and their family to grow close to a teacher over time, I often tell parents that a new teacher can provide a fresh perspective on their child’s learning. The wonderful thing about changing music teachers over time is that students are given a new perspective, new advice, and recommendations for their performance. They also learn to communicate with different people of authority and they are better able to adapt to new teaching styles.

When the time comes to change music teachers, regardless of what the circumstance may be, I encourage you to view the situation as a potentially positive experience for your child. Think back to a moment in your past when a stable figure in your life that you were close and friendly with parted ways.

Perhaps you had a hairstylist or barber you quite liked who left the salon, or maybe you regularly enjoyed the sermons of a particular pastor who moved to another city, or perhaps you had a favorite sports coach who left your team.

It is natural to become attached to people we are familiar with and have spent time with. Now, I urge you to think of the individual who replaced the person you were once attached to. Many times we become even closer and more connected with the replacement. New people in our lives provide a boost of motivation that can be conducive to our personal growth and development. Another pastor could have a different style that challenges and intrigues you. A new sports coach can view your skill with fresh eyes and make helpful recommendations on your form, speed, or training methods. When it comes to music, a new teacher will have a new perspective that could be a better match for your child’s skillset and practice methods. The new instructor could foster a new enthusiasm for their instrument.

I once had an adult student attend one of my music schools who regularly visited the same teacher. His teacher was not available one evening for their lesson so my staff arranged for the student to have a substitute teacher. When the student arrived and was notified in the lobby that he would have a substitute for the day, he became upset, began yelling, and stormed out of the school. He went home and wrote a lengthy email about how upset he was that his teacher was unavailable, and he eventually left the school.

However, if that student had attended his lesson, he would have been pleasantly surprised. We had arranged for the student’s substitute to be the teacher who had mentored and taught his teacher many years ago. The substitute had more degrees than the student’s regular teacher had been teaching longer, and had more experience in the world of music. In the end, the student may have enjoyed his lesson and gained some valuable information. Had he been open to the idea of change, something positive probably would have come of it.

I believe students should have at least three or four teachers throughout their lives. Having the opinions of different people with different backgrounds will expose your child to a wider variety of information than if they were confined to the suggestions of a single teacher.

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