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Congratulations to our 1,000th Student!

Congratulations to our 1,000th student Matt Martin!

Congratulations to our ONE THOUSANDTH Student MATT MARTIN!
Matt has won one year of FREE lessons! Thank you Columbia for making us South Carolina's largest music school.

Give us a call at 803-787-0931 or email us

Did You Win Tickets To See Varekai?

Thanks to everyone who referred their friends to the Academy this Fall!

Margourite C.
Bridget W.
Merritt R.
Nathan H.
Rosemary B.
Juliette B.
Jacob C.
Eli B.
Ava K.
Cady S.
Kaitlyn B.
Chloe B.
Hilary B.
Donavan M.
AlizaGrace A.
Jayden Y.
Laney P.
Guillermo C.
Madison A.
Brennan M.
Warren G.
Tricia G.
Lamont G.
Samantha F.
Ellen S.

Rich E.
Travis D.
Neil O.
Emily M.
Doug E.
Alexander M.
Evan S.
Zac L.
Albert B.
Daphne M.
Brenda G.
Jayden S.
Michelle L.
Peyton N.
Emalee S.
Cecelia S.
Heather M.
Sabrina T.
Tyler T.
Ryan L.
Stefanie B.
Allie N.
Kimina L.
Makaya M.
Tyler M.

Congratulations to Bridget W. for winning two free tickets to see Varekai at the Colonial LIfe Arena!

You can view the video of the drawing here:

Refer your friends to the Academy and if they sign up, we'll enter you AND your friends into our next raffle
so you both can win great prizes. We'll also give you a $25.00 retail certificate to say thanks AND we'll give your
friend one as well! Thanks for much for your referrals.

Mark Your Calendars For Our December Recitals!

Lexington School of Music students
Saturday, December 6 & Sunday, December 7th

Columbia College Spears Music Arts Center
9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Columbia Arts Academy students
Saturday, December 20 & Sunday, December 21st
USC School of Music recital hall
9 a.m.-9 p.m.

USC School of Music Recital Hall

Congratluations to all of our students who performed
in our May recitals!

They did a great job and we’re very proud of them.

Pictured above is the USC School of
Music recital hall where the CAA recital was held.

Columbia College Recital Hall • Columbia Arts Academy Recital December 7th 2013

Pictured above:
All set up and ready to go!
The Lexington School of Music stage set up at Columbia College for the December recital!

Recitals will be here before you know it! Don't miss our December recitals at the USC School of Music & Columbia College. If you're not a student yet, there's still time to participate. Contact the office at 803-787-0931

Columbia College Recital Hall Columbia Arts Recital Saturday December 7th, 2013

The crowd gets ready for the recital to start and the doors to open.
Great job students!

Academy Dogs Lucky and Mozzy Fort say, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls!"
They are looking forward to meeting Kathryn McCartney Fort in March!

Baby Fort Announcement

Valerie and I are ecstatic to be expecting our first child in March. Actually a lot of Academy teachers are either expecting or have recently had a baby. Be on the lookout in the October news for all of the latest 'baby' news that's happening with your favorite office staff member and or teacher. We're also working on 'Future Academy Student" T-Shirts for babies, so if you have any ideas for the design or other cool baby ideas, please let us know!


Please welcome the new students
who enrolled at our schools in September!

William G.
Kristie C.
Demarcus W.
Chancellor C.
Sadie M.
Andrew E.
David B.
William D.
Thomas D.
O'Neal S.
Walt B.
Addie Mac C.
Abby K.
Smith-Lea L.
Aiden R.
Zachary L.
Aaron W.
William G.
Allie N.
Jim L.
Gabrielle L.
Devin R.
Alan D.
Elizabeth D.
Holden M.
Sofia B.
Raven C.
John P.
Khara C.
Sophie B.
Lexus B.
Grayson H.
Jody C.
Kaela O.
Madison E.
Kobe H.
Morrison G.
Tyler M.
Alex S.
Robert R.
Richard C.
Andy H.
Marina H.
Casey C.
Jack M.
Leila W.
Tiffanie A.
Makaya M.
Janay S.
Ike S.
Abby B.
Jeanette F.
Whitt S.
Sarah Ann Y.
Stephen K.
Jayden S.
Linda M.
Robert B

Emma B.
Morgan N.
Vickie K.
Camille H.
Eden M.
Herlan B.
Victor F.
Kisler F.
Keshia M.
AlizaGrace A.
Griffin L.
Sofia L.
Jivana K.
Erin M.
Raymond P.
Ethel S.
Raygen W.
Henry H.
Beverly H.
Clarence W.
Ryan B.
Cliff C.
Van K.
Jennifer D.
Arina L.
Katie W.
Camryn G.
Jamison G.
Caitlyn G.
Kaelan F.
Evelyn L.
Collier L.
Ella K.
Revee C.
Rob M.
London S.
Macy B.
Madison S.
Krystal F.
Kaiden K.
Kristian K.
Baileigh M.
Benicio C.
Emma O.
Abby O.
Jonathan F.
Sebastian S.
Meadow S.
Emma Claire C.
Diane H.
Hannah M.

Also mark your calendars for these upcoming holidays:

Thanksgiving Break:
Thursday, November 27th- Sunday, November 30th

Tuesday, December 23rd-Thursday, January 1st 2015

Is YOUR Teacher Sold Out?
Teachers With Waiting Lists.

Will Ashley Drum Teacher

Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list. If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings for October or November send an e-mail to or Or you can call the Columbia office 803-787-0931, Lexington office at 803-929-7867.


Jason Summers - Wednesdays and Fridays - SOLD OUT

Evan Simmons
- Tuesdays 3-8pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 3pm / Thursdays 3:30-8pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 7pm

Will Ashley
- Mondays - 3-6:30pm - SOLD OUT / Fridays 3-7pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 3pm


Lewis Taylor - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays - 2:30-8pm - SOLD OUT

Garrett Glover - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:00-7:30pm - ONE SPOT LEFT

Brett Floyd - Wednesdays - 3-8pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 3pm

Lucas Johnson - Thursdays - ONE SPOT LEFT - 7:30pm

Max Hardy - Mondays and Tuesdays - SOLD OUT

Mike Schaming - Mondays - ONE SPOT LEFT - 8:30pm

Wes Pellerin - Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays - SOLD OUT / Wednesdays - ONE SPOT LEFT 5:30pm

Zach Bingham - Mondays - SOLD OUT

Zach Toman - Mondays and Thursdays - 3:30-7pm - SOLD OUT


Emilie Hsu - Saturdays 1:30-4pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 3pm

Jennifer Pollins - Mondays - 4-8pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 7:30pm / Thursdays and Fridays - SOLD OUT

Neil Ostenfeld - Sundays and Thursdays - SOLD OUT / Tuesdays - ONE SPOT LEFT 8:00pm

Nikea Randolph - Mondays - SOLD OUT / Saturdays 11am-2pm - SOLD OUT

Lisa Churchya
- Tuesdays - 3:30-8pm - SOLD OUT / Wednesdays 5-8pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 6pm

Peter Rich
- Mondays - SOLD OUT / Thursdays 3-8pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 3:30pm

Stephanie Bova - Tuesdays - SOLD OUT / Fridays 3:30-7pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 6:30pm


Ashlee Poole - Sundays - 3-6pm - SOLD OUT

Casondra Prosser - Mondays - SOLD OUT

Michael Thomas - Sundays and Thursdays - SOLD OUT

Megan Miller - Tuesdays and Wednesdays - SOLD OUT

Jay Hawes - Mondays - 3-7pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 5:30pm

Johnnie Felder - Thursdays 3:30-6pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 3:30pm

Jolene Flory
- Wednesdays 3-6pm - SOLD OUT

Justin Stillabower - Thursdays - 3:30-7:30pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 5pm

Laura Smith - Wednesdays - 4-6:30pm - ONE SPOT LEFT - 5pm


Columbia Arts Academy Guitar Student Jane S Receive Her Apprentice Award for Passing Her Musical Ladder Test!

Columbia Arts Academy guitar student Jane S. received her Musical Ladder Apprentice award
for passing her test!

Lexington School of Music Voice Lesson Student Katie E Receives Her Musical Ladder Award for Passing Her Test

Lexington School of Music voice lesson student Katie E. received her Musical Ladder Musician award for passing her test! She studies with Megan Miller.

Columbia Arts Academy Guitar Student

Columbia Arts Academy guitar lesson student
Casey E. received her Musical Ladder “Vivace” award! She studies
with guitar instructor Zach Toman.
Great job guys!

Students at the Columbia Arts Academy & Lexington School of Music who pass their ‘Musical Ladder Tests’ get wristbands, certificates and trophies. Hundreds of students of all ages passed their tests and you can see the well deserved smiles on their faces. We are so proud of them!

Keep tuned to our Facebook page for daily updates on the latest winners. You might see someone YOU know! If you’re not a student yet, and your child is not getting to participate, please reach out to us at or or call our Columbia location
803-787-0931 and or Lexington location 803-996-0623

Marty Fort

Did You Read Your Newsletter Contest?

Did you win $25.00 this month? CONGRATULATIONS TO Jessica Johnson! Jessica has won $25 in free retail from the Columbia Arts Academy. To redeem your prize, please contact the office. Congrats! Everyone be sure to read your newsletter each month!

Musical Ladder Poster

Sign up for Picture Days in May!

Columbia Arts Academy Piano Student
Columbia Arts Academy Guitar Student
Columbia Arts Academy Piano Student
Columbia Arts Academy Drum Student
Columbia Arts Academy Voice Student Columbia Arts Academy Guitar Student

Visit the Picture Day Gallery for our Columbia or Lexington school to view the latest pics!
Want to get your child’s picture taken for free by a professional photographer?

The next Picture days are in December and are open to all current Columbia Arts Academy/Lexington School of Music students and their parents! *Must be a CURRENT student to participate.

Call the office today to schedule your time! Columbia: 803-787-0931 • Lexington 803-996-0623
Or e-mail


CBS WLTX Channel 19 and WACH Fox 57 came by to film our rock band class students for the local news and you can watch a clip online here or click on the video below if you have Flash installed.


Be sure to check out the debut issue of the
Free Times Parent magazine.

There’s a great feature on the Academy, that includes interviews with our teachers and students.

You can check it out online at:

Important Dates!

Thursday, November 27th- Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Tuesday, December 23rd-Thursday, January 1st 2015


The Academy is now open 7 days a week!

Take voice, guitar, piano, bass or drums on Sundays 1:00-6:00 p.m.

Call the office today to schedule your time! Columbia: 803-787-0931 • Lexington 803-929-7867
Or e-mail

to ask about available times.

CAA Director Marty Fort was selected by the State Newspaper
for the 20 under 40 award!
(See page 9 of the PDF below)

20 Under 40 for 2011

It's easy to take the next step:

Lessons are first come, first serve
so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!

Columbia: 803-787-0931 • Lexington 803-929-7867
Or e-mail

711 East Main Street, Suite A2, Lexington, SC 29072
In the Lexington Old Mill

3630 Rosewood Dr, Columbia, SC 29205
(Between Midlands Tech Beltline & Rosewood Elementary)

Offering quality guitar, voice, bass, drum and piano lessons in Columbia,
Northeast Columbia, Lexington and Irmo South Carolina.